Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The other thing about hospital

The other thing about hospital is that they keep putting things up your bottom. My advice is: if you go to hospital, don't stand up - remain seated. If you have to stand up, don't turn your back on ANYONE. At all. They all do it. The bottom thing.

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  1. I remember a few years ago being carted off to UCH somewhere in the small hours of a Saturday morning. I was working in the Control Room at Oxford Circus Tube Station and had severe abdominal pains.

    After being given oral pain killers I explained to the very sweet nurse that they weren't really working. She came back with something the size of a cross-Channel ferry and asked if I would like to administer it myself. Having discovered that it wasn't to be taken with water I suggested that she, being the professional, might like to insert it herself. This she did with little fuss and much encouragement from my then partner.

    Some hours later a doctor appeared and asked if she could examine my back passage. I suggested that she might wait until there were sufficient people for a guided tour, but she didn't see the funny side of that remark.

    It's true - hospitals do have a thing about bottoms!