Friday, August 5, 2011

Pebble Beach - Barton-on-Sea

I found myself on the South Coast the other day, and, having deposited an elderly relative at hospital for a minor procedure, wondered what to do for lunch. Well, as the said relative usually insists on lunching for a fiver a head, I naturally took the opportunity to phone the Chewton Glen (Relais et Châteaux and all that sort of caper). However, it was 12.40 and they only took bookings at 12.00 and 2.00. Politely declining to have my life regimented by a restaurant, I then phoned Pebble Beach at Barton-on-Sea (breezy Barton, as it used to be known). The man who answered emitted "no problem-come right along-have a good day" sort of noises in what now passes for standard English. Well, I went right along and was guided to a choice of quiet tables for dignified gentlefolk away from the window, where I was left studying the menu and the wine list.

My only complaint was that I was left there for some time, about fifteen minutes. As I had not even been offered a drink when I was seated, I began to emit distress signs in a way that could not be mistaken for mere bonhomie, and was rewarded by my order being taken with an apology. That was the only problem during a splendid luncheon (apart from a neighbour, a birthday boy (late sixties, check shirt, accompanied by four chums) who was not holding his drink in a gracious manner and who was being vile to the staff.

Anyway, I went for the oysters, followed by half a lobster (cold) with chips, accompanied by a really splendid Muscadet. A most pleasant lunch. Recommended. I have never been disappointed by this restaurant. Nice people, excellent food and good value for money.

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