Friday, August 19, 2011

Stino Ristorante, Muswell Hill, London

Well, I was so happy with my last meal at Stino's restaurant in Muswell Hill, that I popped back one morning to try and take the owner's photo for this blog. Typically, Modestino (his name) was modestly avoiding photographers and so you will have to make do with this photograph of the outside of the premises.

Now, Stino (Modestino Fuccillo) is a perfect padrone. He is aspirational, hungry for improvement and charm itself to the customers. He also has the strong support of his new chef, Antonio Pagano. They make a strong team. Antonio has improved the food and seems to be on a roll, bringing in new dishes, designing a new menu (for September 2011) and bringing a new touch to the classics of the house. Veal escalope milanese was delicate, succulent and full of flavour last night. The garnish of vegetables was flavoured with truffle oil, and anyone who flavours anything with truffle oil is a friend of mine. It's good, hearty Italian food with a touch of refinement. I looked with envy at the pasta with wild boar ragù at an neighbouring table, and the pizza also looked delightful.

The interior of the restaurant is tidy and attractive. Table cloths are used in the evening, and, in warm weather, the front of the restaurant opens out onto the pavement outside. There is a nice selection of Italian wines, but Stino can't help having been born in the wrong country.

I look forward to accompanying the ascension of this fine restaurant with my knife and fork, and dread the day that it becomes necessary to book in advance.

Nice website, by the way.

Stino Ristorante
82 Fortis Green Road
Muswell Hill
London N10 3HN

020 8883 6198

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